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China Astronautic silicon GB Standards Search System  

 China "SJ/T 9550.32-1993" standard english version information:

1. China SJ/T 9550.32-1993 Standard Chinese version, you can purchase directly online; After receive your payment, we will send the GB Standards PDF file to your Email within 24 Hr.
2. China SJ/T 9550.32-1993 Standard English version is not ready-made,only after get your order, then we translate them, time usually need 3-5 days. Detail refere: "How to purchase the English version China GB Standards?"
Item Content
GB Standard  Code SJ/T 9550.32-1993
GB Standard Class China Electronics Standard
GB Standard English Title Astronautic silicon solar cell matrix--Quality grading standard
GB Standard Chinese Title
Applicable Category China Electronics-Electronics
Chinese Version Price $15 USD per 50 pages
English Translation Price About $15  per 1 page; Detail enquire us for
China "SJ/T 9550.32-1993" Standard english version Add to Cart
Note The SJ/T 9550.32-1993 standard english translation Prepayment unit $100 USD, is not mean this SJ/T 9550.32-1993 standard english version price is $100 USD, it is only a basic unit of prepayment for translation, The actual translation fee and prepayment are depend on the amount of SJ/T 9550.32-1993 standard Chinese words, We request 80% prepayment of the total translation fee.
For example, if the GB standard english price is $500, you need pay $400 prepayment, Four Quantities of the $100 prepayment unit.
  •  Relational standard of SJ/T 9550.32-1993;    
  • Standard  Code GB Standard Title
  • SJ/T 9550.31-1993
  • Astronautic single silicon solar cells--Quality grading standard
  • SJ/T 9550.32-1993
  • Astronautic silicon solar cell matrix--Quality grading standard
  • SJ/T 2429-1983
  • Test method for electrical characteristics of astronautic monocrystal silicon solar cells
  • SJ/T 2428-1983
  • Clibration for astronautic standard monocrystal silicon solar cells

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