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GB standards are the China national standards; Prefix code GB are Mandatory standards, GB/T are Recommended standards; All products or service must be compliance with GB standards; If you want to export products or services to huge Chinese market, need ensure they are meet the requirements of GB china national standards;  We provide Chinese GB standards and English version GB standards  Lookup, Translate, Download, Imported Commodity GB standards Testing and Compliance review services.
  •  China "(CALCULATION" GB Standards List:
  • Standard  Code GB Standard Title Standard Class Order
  • NB/T 51075-2017
  • (CALCULATION Index of Coal Construction Ground Construction Project) (CALCULATION
    China Energy industry Standards
  • NB/T 51072-2017
  • (CALCULATION Index of Electromechanical Installation Project of Coal Construction) (CALCULATION
    China Energy industry Standards
  • NB/T 51074-2017
  • (CALCULATION of auxiliary cost of coal mine) (CALCULATION
    China Energy industry Standards
  • NB/T 42109-2017
  • (CALCULATION Method of Mixture Characteristics of Reciprocating Internal Combustion Gas Generator) (CALCULATION
    China Energy industry Standards
  • DL/T 5341-2016
  • (CALCULATION and specification of engineering quantity of electric power construction project) (CALCULATION
    China Electricity & Power Standards
  • DL/T 5205-2016
  • (CALCULATION and specification of power construction project bill of quantities specification transmission line project) (CALCULATION
    China Electricity & Power Standards
  • DL/T 1646-2016
  • (CALCULATION Method of Technical Index for Cogeneration Unit with Absorption Heat Pump Technology) (CALCULATION
    China Electricity & Power Standards
  • DL/T 1605-2016
    China Electricity & Power Standards
  • SY/T 7085-2016
  • (CALCULATION of pressure equipment design) (CALCULATION
    China Oil & Gas Industry Standards
  • SY/T 7297-2016
  • (CALCULATION Method of Carbon Dioxide Emission in Oil and Gas Extraction Enterprises) (CALCULATION
    China Oil & Gas Industry Standards
  • CJ/T 106-2016
  • (CALCULATION and Forecasting Method of Domestic Waste Production) (CALCULATION
    China Urban Construction industry Standards
  • TB/T 2619-1995
  • (CALCULATION of container transportation cost) (CALCULATION
    China Railway & Train Standards
  • HG 29804-1991
  • (CALCULATION of energy consumption of ammonia products) (CALCULATION
    China Chemical Industry Standards
  • HG 29803-1991
  • (CALCULATION phosphorus productoverall energy consumption and savings) (CALCULATION
    China Chemical Industry Standards
  • SY 5268-1991
  • (CALCULATION oilfield power grid network loss rate) (CALCULATION
    China Oil & Gas Industry Standards
  • HG 29802-1991
  • (CALCULATION of calcium carbide products and savings in energy consumption) (CALCULATION
    China Chemical Industry Standards
  • TB/T 1881-1987
  • (CALCULATION conditions and calculation methods AC electrified railway dangerous effects of static electricity on telecommunication lines) (CALCULATION
    China Railway & Train Standards

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