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GB standards are the China national standards; Prefix code GB are Mandatory standards, GB/T are Recommended standards; All products or service must be compliance with GB standards; If you want to export products or services to huge Chinese market, need ensure they are meet the requirements of GB china national standards;  We provide Chinese GB standards and English version GB standards  Lookup, Translate, Download, Imported Commodity GB standards Testing and Compliance review services.
  •  China "Cash" GB Standards List:
  • Standard  Code GB Standard Title Standard Class Order
  • GB/T 32605-2016
  • Wool,Cashmere quilts China National Standards
  • SJ/T 11653-2016
  • (General specification for electronic Cash registers) China Electronics Standards
  • JC/T 1014-2016
  • (Cashew nut shell powder) China Building Materials Standards
  • SN/T 3981.2-2015
  • (Import and export of textiles quality textile materials conformity assessment methods - Part 2: Cashmere) China Import Export Inspection Standards
  • GB/T 32132-2015
  • DNA identification of wool, Cashmere, duck's down, goose's down animal materials—Real-time fluorescence PCR method China National Standards
  • JR/T 0129-2015
  • (Electronic Cash interbank Quancun Technical Specifications) China Finance Standards
  • GB/T 30959-2014
  • Hexi Cashmere goat China National Standards
  • GB 18267-2013
  • Cashmere China National GB Standards
  • SN/T 3507-2013
  • Identification of Cashmere and wool in textiles for import and export-PCR method and real-time fluorescence. PCR method China Import Export Inspection Standards
  • JR/T 0025.15-2013
  • China financial integrated circuit card specifications. Part 15: Electronic Cash dual-currency payment specification China Finance Standards
  • SN/T 3292-2012
  • Detection and identification of Atropellis piniphila (Weir) Lohman et Cash China Import Export Inspection Standards
  • SN/T 2140.2-2011
  • Test method of clean Cashmere mass for textile raw materials. Part 2: Scoured cashmere China Import Export Inspection Standards
  • SB/T 10629-2011
  • Technical requirements for the grading of fiber quality in Cashmere products China Commerce Standards
  • SB/T 10615-2011
  • Roasted Cashew nuts China Commerce Standards
  • SN/T 0106-2010
  • Protocol of inspection for export dehaired Cashmere China Import Export Inspection Standards
  • SN/T 1062-2010
  • Method of the inspection for content of Cashmere in yarn and products for import and export China Import Export Inspection Standards
  • GB/T 14593-2008
  • Quantitative analysis method of Cashmere, wool and their blends - Scanning electron microscope method China National GB Standards
  • SN/T 2136.1-2008
  • Rules for inspection of import and export textile raw materials. Animal fibre. Part 1: Cashmere,camel hair ane yak hair China Import Export Inspection Standards
  • SB/T 10512.5-2008
  • Technical competence requirement for basic posts in retail industry. Cashier China Commerce Standards
  • GB 18240.5-2005
  • Fiscal Cash register-Part 5:Specification of fiscal printer China National GB Standards
  • GB/T 18240.4-2004
  • Fiscal Cash register--Part 4:Specification of device with EFT function China National GB Standards
  • GB 18240.6-2004
  • Fiscal Cash register--Part 6:Rule ofcoding for the devices China National GB Standards
  • GB 18240.3-2003
  • Fiscal Cash register--Part 3: Specification of fiscal processor China National GB Standards
  • GB 18240.2-2003
  • Fiscal Cash register--Part 2: Specification for fiscal IC card China National GB Standards
  • GB 18240.1-2003
  • Fiscal Cash register--Part 1: Specification of device China National GB Standards
  • GB/T 18010-1999
  • Cashew kernels--Specification China National GB Standards
  • SJ/T 10529-1994
  • Generic specification for electronic Cash register China Electronics Standards
  • JR/T 0002-1994
  • (Cash registers) China Finance Standards
  • SB/T 10047-1992
  • (Large serrated stripping machine Cashmere Technical conditions) China Commerce Standards

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