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GB standards are the China national standards; Prefix code GB are Mandatory standards, GB/T are Recommended standards; All products or service must be compliance with GB standards; If you want to export products or services to huge Chinese market, need ensure they are meet the requirements of GB china national standards;  We provide Chinese GB standards and English version GB standards  Lookup, Translate, Download, Imported Commodity GB standards Testing and Compliance review services.
  •  China "reheating" GB Standards List:
  • Standard  Code GB Standard Title Standard Class Order
  • GB/T 32971-2016
  • Methods of determination and calculation of heat balance in regenerative burner for ladle preheating system of iron and steel industry China National Standards
  • GB/T 32489-2016
  • Technical requirement of energy-saving operation for reheating furnace in steel rolling China National Standards
  • GB/T 32972-2016
  • Technical specification energy saving design for reheating furnace of steel rolling in iron and steel works China National Standards
  • GB/T 31344-2014
  • Technical requirements of measurement and verification of energy savings—Slab reheating furnace system China National Standards
  • GB 50825-2013
  • Code for quality acceptance of reheating furnaces in iron and steel works China National GB Standards
  • GB/T 22590-2008
  • Refractory castables for reheating furnaces China National GB Standards
  • TB/T 2724-2008
  • Fuel boiler preheating unit for diesel locomotive China Railway & Train Standards
  • GB/T 20126-2006
  • Unalloyed steel -- Determination of low carbon content -- Part 2: Infrared absorption method after combustion in an induction furnace (with preheating) China National GB Standards
  • DL/T 5179-2003
  • Design guide for concrete preheating system of hydropower and water conservancy project China Electricity & Power Standards
  • GB/T 18591-2001
  • Welding--Guidance on the measurement of preheating temperature,interpass temperature and preheat maintenance temperature China National GB Standards
  • TB/T 2743-2001
  • Diesel locomotive fuel preheating system technical conditions China Railway & Train Standards
  • SJ 1393-1978
  • Methods of measurement for cathode preheating time of gas discharge noise tubes China Electronics Standards
  • SJ 432-1973
  • Method of measurement for cathode preheating time of O-type backward-wave tubes China Electronics Standards

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