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    GB/T 17204-2008 Classification of alcoholic beverages 饮料酒分类
    GB/T 21917-2008 Method for Determination of Ethyl Maltol in Beverage 饮料中乙基麦芽酚的测定方法
    GB/T 10792-2008 Carbonated beverages 碳酸饮料(汽水)
    GB/T 21914-2008 Determination of Benzyl Acetate in tea-drink - Gas chromatography method 茶饮料中乙酸苄酯的测定 气相色谱法
    GB/T 21732-2008 Milk beverages 含乳饮料
    GB/T 21733-2008 Tea beverages 茶饮料
    GB/T 23585-2009 Code of practice for the prevention and reduction of patulin contamination in apple juice and apple juice ingredients in other beverages 预防和降低苹果汁及其他饮料的苹果汁配料中展青霉素污染的操作规范
    GB 15266-2009 Sports beverage 运动饮料
    GB/T 28493-2012 Test method for rating vending machines for bottled, canned, and other sealed beverages 瓶装、罐装和其它封装饮料自动售货机性能试验方法
    GB/T 29602-2013 Solid beverages 固体饮料
    GB/T 31326-2014 Botanical beverage 植物饮料
    GB/T 31280-2014 Brand valuation—Wine, drink and refined tea manufacturing industry 品牌价值评价 酒、饮料和精制茶制造业
    GB/T 30767-2014 Coffee based beverages 咖啡类饮料
    GB/T 30884-2014 Apple vinegar beverage 苹果醋饮料
    GB/T 31325-2014 Plant protein beverage―Walnut beverage 植物蛋白饮料 核桃露(乳)
    GB/T 31324-2014 Plant protein beverage―Almond beverage 植物蛋白饮料 杏仁露
    GB/T 30885-2014 Plant protein beverage-Soymilk and soymilk beverage 植物蛋白饮料 豆奶和豆奶饮料
    GB/T 31121-2014 Fruit & Vegetable juices and fruit & vegetable beverage(nectars) 果蔬汁类及其饮料
    GB/T 10789-2015 General standard for beverage 饮料通则
    SN/T 3265-2012 Rule for the inspection of beverage for import and export 进出口饮料检验规程


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