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More than 180,000 China National GB Standards, Industry standards & Regulations databse for free search.
You can easily lookup the China GB standards for any products and services by Multiple query methods, keyword fuzzy search, China GB standards code exact query,etc.กก

GB Standards Translation Service

GB standards are all Chinese, almost no official English version, we provide professional GB standard translation services, to help you better understand the GB standards. Our translators possess professional expertise in each field, can translate of any kind of GB standards quickly, competently and for a fair price. .


GB Standards
Lab Testing

All products being imported in China are required to be tested in order to ensure their compliance with GB standards; We cooperate with many China government authorized test institute, Can provide all GB standards test, These test reports are recognized by all Chinese supervision, including CFDA, CNCA, MOA, AQSIQ, CIQ, Customs, etc.

GB Standards Compliance Service

We can help ensure your product meet quality, safety and compliance to Chinese GB standards and other regulation requirements.  We offer you expert knowledge in product compliance and conformance to GB specifications, providing a range of services to support you in selling your products in China.